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May 2019 Grant

Sponsored by Clear Eyes, Unicorn Fire donated the studio space use and shot the 2019 "DRESSED FOR SUCCESS" Ambassadors about their "Shining Moment".

Current Project

Unicorn Fire has chosen "ARTS FOR LEARNING" as the June/ July Grant awardee. The UFP Hosted Arts 4 Learning. We hosted a 5 day intensive workshop where we wrote, scripted, storyboarded,

shot and edited The official Arts 4 Learning social media digital spot. The kids & staff had a full hands on, position in the development and creation of the spot. The A4L promo features kids and young adults who take part in their programs. PREMIERE OF THE A4L SUMMER PROMO TBA!!!!

2019 Awards

The 2019 Campaign, Unicorn Fire produced for the Cleo Institute won two 2019 TELLY AWARDS in the categories of "Public Service Announcement" as well as "Online Commercial". The Campaign was donated many billboards and received press coverage from the BBC,NBC6 and was shared hundreds of thousands of times.


Arts 4 Learning workshop Day 1 & 2


Day 1 & 2 of the film workshop consisted of the development, script & storyboard of the PSA. Pictured top Karina Diehl of Kdj Consulting spoke on the importance of the intersection of art and brand promotion. The students pitched the spot to KJD and received great feedback that assisted greatly in re-writes.

Day 3 &4 Shoot days!


The students were assigned crew positions and were guided as we captured  the scenes storyboarded the two days prior. In the end the script called for a documentary style approach. We shot at 4 locations over the two days capturing the current Arts 4 Learning programs.

Post Production editorial


Day 4 &5 of the workshop, the students were guided through the post production process, from logging the good takes, to editing and making the shots work. The students worked on the Adobe CC platform to finish the final edit. In the end the students received a very unique opportunity as they rose to the occasion learning while we made content for good. We are very proud the of the participants as they delivered the P.S.A. on day 5 with a private screening that was very well received.

A4L 2019 Premiere TBA.

Earth Day 2019 Video Premiere for: The Cleo Institute

This is the first :30 second spot that premiered today, Earth day 2019. The spot was launched both digital as well as broadcast in the South Florida area. One of the most important elements of the campaign are the kids they all live in So. Fla. and none of them are actors. Real kids living in ground zero for sea level rise. Lets hope they are the next voices to bring change and action to our delicate ecosystem.  

EARTH DAY 2019 Billboard campaign Launch







About Us


Our grants and programs


The Unicorn Fire Project - a production boutique servicing non-profit organizations in South Florida. Our strategic alliances and full-service production services grant special organizations custom content packages free of charge. We are powered by grants  & sponsorships on a per-project basis.


We are headquartered in the Coconut Grove area in a 1200sq. ft. studio. screening, meeting & event space. We have have production office/ post production suites both for the UFP and for hourly to monthly rentals to professionals looking for a great location with tons of parking and gear available in house. The building has 13 off street, gated parking spaces,& plenty of metered street parking. The studio 2 wall seamless cyc done by prop masters, One Green Wall and another with any color. We also have great set flats in house from stainless steel to real reclaimed pallet backdrops. Large lobby for clients and castings, production offices available.

LOCATION: Unicorn Fire Studios/ 2420 SW 27th AVE, Miami, Fl. 33145


Current project grant


Our next premiere will be this month, it’s a very exciting digital social media campaign for The CLEO Institute, a non-profit, non-partisan organization exclusively dedicated to climate change education, engagement, and advocacy. The spot features real kids living in areas soon-to-be affected by sea level rise, taking parents to task on their inactivity in preserving our fragile environment.

CLEO Shoot: we sponsor content packages for organizations like CLEO that are taking action to protect our future. 


Nominate or sponsor your favorite not-for-profit

Depending on the project we scale up or down to put the most amount of resources into the campaign with close no-to-minimal overhead on a per-project basis. Thru our strategic alliances with South Florida advertising agencies, copy writers, post houses, editors, and production staff, we are able to give organizations campaigns they would normally not have the budget allocation. We rate the nominations on a 1-5 scale on how much they engage, empower and better South Florida. Whether its The Cleo Institute (environmental),  Arts For Learning (Arts Engagement Project), or The Humane Society (Animal Rescue Project), We strive to match creatives who want to share their talent with important causes, bridging the budget gap via corporate sponsorships and grants. video and film production video production videographer

About The Contributors

Post Production collaboration


Right Cut Media donated their services for the post production on the TV spot.

Copy writing for TUP


John Salzedo from ZingMiami lent his pen to the copy on the CLEO SPOT. The ARTS 4 LEARNING spot was written by the participants as a group effort..

Additional support


Mia Kirn served as associate producer and assistant editor for the campaign before joining The Cleo Institute as a staffer. Roderick A. Avila also contributed to the post production of both the cleo spot as well as the A4L spot. An additional thank you to Karina diehl  for her break out session  "Bridging the arts and marketing".


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